Creating opportunities to maximise your impact

The Y in STRYDE4 represents your WHY. We’re here to AMPLIFY it!

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100% of funds raised go directly to our charity partners

Our Goal

$2M raised in 2024 and $8M by 2028

Our Mission

To support these 6 key areas:

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to the charity

STRYDE4 will help Charities:

  • Create stronger connections to their corporate partners.
  • Engage employee’s at all levels of an organisation, building authentic and impactful relationships.
  • Raise additional (unbudgeted) funds to enable vital projects.
  • Deliver ongoing volunteering opportunities to the corporate sector.
  • Create powerful content connecting the social impact your partners are achieving with you.
  • Share important knowledge about your cause to existing & potential partners.

Oh!… And it’s more than likely we will also:

  • Improve the health & wellbeing of your staff who take part in the STRYDE4 program.
  • Create opportunities for you to become a charity partner with other fantastic organisations.
  • Raise the awareness of your organisation and good work you’re achieving.
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The collective power of collaboration will deliver significant social impact.

Just some of the nearly 50,000 Australian charities we can support

Our Charity sectors and partners

When you find your purpose, it is like your heart has been set alight with passion. You know it absolutely, without any doubt.

Tama Kieves

How we work together

To work in partnership with STRYDE4 to amplify the social impact and help our corporate communities to lead with purpose.

Account Management

  • Nominate corporate partners to participate in the STRYDE4 program.
  • Working in partnership to amplify your social impact and empower corporate communities to lead with purpose.
  • Provide a key liaison to strategically support the program.
  • Attend strategic partnership meetings (dial in).
  • Monitor and provide fundraising updates.

Where the money goes

  • Propose 1 x $25k High Impact Projects that STRYDE4 and your community can get behind.
  • Provide supporting materials and short form social media videos & quotes.
  • Access to the key people behind these projects during the campaign.




  • Support your fundraisers with tips, tools and general support.
  • Charity marketing material as needed.


  • Throughout the program there will be a variety of volunteering opportunities.
  • Purpose workshops.
  • Fundraising events.
  • Corporate events.
  • Support your community during the 6 week STRYDE4 training program leading up to STRYDE4 DAY.

Social Media / Comms

  • Develop quarterly highlights reel of engagement occasions.
  • Provide social tags and guidelines.
  • Share approved content.
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